[Bali2007] Hello from The Dusun Villa


[0321] @The Dusun Villa Office

This is the last day before I go back Taiwan.
Wonderful SPAs eaveryday may make a serials reports after going back. 
Although it”s the end of the rainy season, it didn”t rain a single day.
So lucky we are!

It”s really a relaxing holiday with family.
There”re many to share with you all just wait for me.



Expedia 搜尋便宜機票小幫手

2 thoughts on “[Bali2007] Hello from The Dusun Villa”

  1. 在雨季裡卻沒遇到下雨天,真的好幸運呀!
    感覺又是個美好的family trip..
    期待一連串"Wonderful Spa"的精采分享囉!
    Welcome Home!!


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